The Heartland Hosta & Shade Plant Society began work

on their Loose Park Garden September 7, 2013.

Board members gathered their tools, their plants and their wits in a group effort to establish a Hosta garden area at Loose Park.
Enjoy the photos and if you have a chance, go by Loose Park and see how the hostas are progressing.

Brian Chadwick-Robinson
Charlene Wendel
Chuck Robinson
Craig Wendel
Gwen and Keith Wheeler
Gwen Wheeler
Keith Wheeler
Nancy Erwin
Riley Cook
View 3b Looking Northeast
View 4 Looking West
View 5 Looking Southwest
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We want to extend our many, MANY thanks to Pam Hoelzel and Patrick Franken for doing the day-to-day maintenance on our garden.  Recently, our Treasurer Troy Vratil, took some photos to keep us apprised of how the garden is faring in 2017.  A few of his photos are included below.   Enjoy the photos, but better yet  . . . go out to Loose Park and check it out for yourself !